Products from Kodak

  • Truper Series Scanners

    Truper Series Scanners

    In addition to delivering outstanding scanning technology and bundled feature sets—including VRS Professional, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection and Advanced Color Dropout—Trūper Scanners also deliver real-world value. The combination of high productivity and affordable pricing makes this series the obvious choice for reducing the total cost of scanning.
  • Sidekick Series Scanners

    Sidekick Series Scanners

    If you want high-quality and efficient scanning right by your side, you've come to the right place. Packed with professional-grade scanning features, the Sidekick Series contains in a single box everything you need to connect and operate a total desktop scanning solution. This entry-level scanner bundle is the perfect solution for small offices or departments that need convenient, professional-quality scanning solutions. And the best part? Sidekick boosts productivity and produces picture-perfect images while sitting snug on your desktop.
  • ScanMate i1120

    ScanMate i1120

    The KODAK SCANMATE i1120 Scanner transforms your paper documents into high-quality digital images that can be managed, sent, filed, and found—easily. One push of a button puts you in control of your documents and organizes your information.
  • KODAK i600 Series Scanners

    KODAK i600 Series Scanners

    The award-winning KODAK i600 Series Scanners take scanner performance to the next level with innovations like SurePath paper handling, Perfect Page Scanning, three independent ultrasonic multifeed detection sensors, automatic color detection and much more. All at a price that puts high performance and value within your reach and gives you a competitive edge.
  • Kodak i4000 Series Scanner

    Kodak i4000 Series Scanner

    Digitizing and managing a whirlwind of documents just got easier. With the most versatile capture solution Kodak has ever built, you’ll be ready for production scanning the day you open the box. Introducing the all-new KODAK i4000 Series Scanners. We took everything we’ve ever learned about document management and built an entirely original platform to help you control information, automate processes, and take productivity to new heights.
  • Kodak i2600/i2800

    Kodak i2600/i2800

    Help your company get ahead with a scanning solution that can bring you increased security, faster internal processes, better teamwork, and a host of other business benefits.
  • KODAK i1400 Series Scanners

    KODAK i1400 Series Scanners

    An aggressive desktop scanner that breaks the barrier between price and performance
  • KODAK i1300 Series Scanners

    KODAK i1300 Series Scanners

    Helping businesses achieve efficient document processes through flexibility and functionality
  • KODAK i1200 Series Scanners

    KODAK i1200 Series Scanners

    A desktop partner for getting documents organized digitally